Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation


LizardQ is a professional camera system for quickly and automatically creating panoramic or full spherical (360°×180°) images with high resolution and high dynamic range (HDR). A professional digital camera with a precision-aligned lens provides high-quality raw images. Our high-performance software automatically creates the full spherical HDR image from the raw data.



Since 1983, Tritech Forensics has been committed to providing state-of-the-art forensic kits and products at affordable prices. It is their goal, through research and development, to continue to develop superior products to aid in all aspects of crime scene investigation and crime laboratory analysis. As the most experienced manufacturer, they are leaders in the field and set high standards.



Lynn Peavey Company has over 800 evidence collection related items, and is the leading law enforcement supply company in the world. Their product line is used by Local, State, Federal and International law enforcement.

Signature products include Hot Shot, Zipr-Weld Evidence Tape, IntegriSwabs, Microblue ALS, QuickCheck Narcotic test kits and MuscleWrap UV Tape.

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STAC Sticks were designed by a decorated law enforcement professional with more than 20 years of experience. They were designed by a first responder for first responders. STAC sticks are one of the most innovative traffic safety products available today. We at STAC Systems LLC™  are committed to providing first responders, construction companies, schools, churches, and anyone else who is responsible for the direction and protection of another with a lightweight, flexible, expandable, incredibly versatile product that is what you need when you need it.



BVDA is a fully integrated forensic manufacturing company that develops, fabricates and markets advanced forensic products. The company has grown since 1934 by diversifying its product lines and through increased research and development.

BVDA’s objective is to produce advance and cost effective products enabling customers to reach high levels of performance.




Laura Pettler & Associates is a world leader is innovative continuing education, reconstruction equipment, and world-class consultation.

Their goal is to assist law enforcement by making the very important job of serving the People easier, more convenient, and time-efficient.

With the highest quality materials, intricate hand-made craftsmanship, the most innovative designs, and the most cost effective and efficient crime scene reconstruction strategies, investigators, scientists, and other forensic practitioners with a wide variety of experience levels can turn ordinary crime scene reconstruction into the crime scene reconstruction of the future .