LizardQ is the smarter and more productive solution to high resolution 360°×180° HDR panoramic imaging. Enjoy fast, automatic and reliable operation from capture to the final 500 Megapixel image.

KISS System

The KISS System is simple and easy-to-use. Our color-coded system is uniquely designed to provide accurate and standardized wound photography for medical and forensic analysis. Our unique scales are designed to conform to the curvatures of the body and remove subjectivity from wound-care photography.  A low cost, simple solution, the KISS System addresses traditional liabilities with wound photography by allowing the facility, or investigators, to defend themselves in the medical record.


Documenting a crime scene accurately and precisely is just as crucial as gathering evidence. Professional grade products from Leatherman, U.S. Tape, and CST/ Berger help law enforcement to document crime scenes with  reliability and ease of use.

These 3 companies are leaders in their fields and have spent several years  creating the highest quality
products for professional users.


The Bear Aid product line includes high quality templates which are suitable for nearly every crime scene including specialized Police products like the Sniper Template and the Drug Recognition Card.

All Bear-Aide products have been designed in conjunction with law enforcement professionals and have been field tested before being offered to and used by the law enforcement community.