Evidence Collection

Evidence Collection 


Lynn Peavey Company has over 800 evidence collection related items, and is the leading law enforcement supply company in the world. Their product line is used by Local, State, Federal and International law enforcement.

Signature products include Hot Shot, Zipr-Weld Evidence Tape, IntegriSwabs, Microblue ALS, QuickCheck Narcotic test kits and MuscleWrap UV Tape.


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Puritan has been trusted for the highest quality, single use applicators and swabs, medical supplies, laboratory supplies, diagnostic DNA testing swabs  and cleanroom products for nearly 100 years.

Their ever-expanding line uses  the most current manufacturing processes to deliver innovative solutions for even the most demanding applications.



Since 1983, Tritech Forensics has been committed to providing state-of-the-art forensic kits and products at affordable prices. It is their goal, through research and development, to continue to develop superior products to aid in all aspects of crime scene investigation and crime laboratory analysis. As the most experienced manufacturer, they are leaders in the field and set high standards.

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