Consolite Forensics is an innovative new company established to exploit new technologies in the world of forensic science. Consolite Forensics has already brought to market two revolutionary new products that are transforming their respective fields.


Arrowhead Forensics, Inc have learned that the best ideas and answers come from their customers. They work in the field and in the office with crime scene investigators and laboratory personnel to learn about and educate the forensic market about the newest technology available to our industry.  Their products are recognized throughout the forensic market--helping collect evidence and solve crimes.

When people are empowered to do the right thing, customers develop a lasting memory.


BVDA is a fully integrated forensic manufacturing company that develops, fabricates and markets advanced forensic products. The company has grown since 1934 by diversifying its product lines and through increased research and development.

BVDA's objective is to produce advance and cost effective products enabling customers to reach high levels of performance.


DactyPrint provides high quality,durable fingerprint pads for all of your fingerprint needs. From Law Enforcement Agencies to financial institutions, a clear fingerprint taken with a DactyPrint pad can help you save time and money.

For a permanent, non-smearing print, lightly place your finger on the surface of the pad then touch the surface of the pad then touch the paper. Excess ink is removed by rubbing the fingers together.