Optical Enhancement

Optical Enhancement 


Regula Baltija Ltd, a scientific and industrial enterprise situated in Daugavpils, Latvia. Regula has become a leading developer and producer of hi-tech forensic equipment and software for authentication of security papers, IDs, passports etc.

Regula prides itself of providing quality services and aims at exploring new markets and developing quality products.



Lumos Technology Co. Ltd. (Lumos) was founded in 2004, was initially focused on the development of digital optical and image processing equipment “X-Loupe Portable Microscope Camera“ series, it helps users to see extremely tiny details but the naked eyes are unable to see.

It enhances the ability of products in research & development, design & manufacturing, inspection, quality control, assembly and precision observation.

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Zarbeco manufacturers portable, digital microscopes to provide forensic scientists with tools for the crime scene, lab, courtroom, and evidence repository. The only power source your digital microscope needs is a laptop.

Video ToolBox imaging software  is included with every Zarbeco product allowing you to view the live image on your computer and capture still pictures or movies.